The New Look of Model Home Design

Why has the look of model home interiors changed so much from 10 years ago?

Jungle room

What happened to jungle theme rooms, large floral window treatments and heavy Tuscan interiors?

Many builders struggle with why model home design has changed and how their market will react to these new concepts and designs. In order to accept these new ideas, it helps to understand why model home merchandising has transitioned into a more modern, clean-lined approach.

Many of the changes in model home design are a direct result of research focused on how millennial new home buyers prefer home interiors. A large majority of today’s new home buyers are looking for very clean, uncluttered and open concept spaces. These buyers are attracted to interiors that accent the architectural details of the home and appeal to all socioeconomic groups. Memory point targeted design has transitioned from over the top theme rooms to interiors with clean trim details and decorative natural wood and tile accents. The design focus is placed on the home’s architecture and not on the interior decorating.

Toll Brothers, North Carolina

For home builders, the key is to find a merchandising design firm, such as SCDG, that understands today’s new home buyer and how to develop models that appeal to their buyer profiles. Today’s new home buyers are selective, educated and aware of today’s design trends. That is why selecting a merchandising firm that knows the best way to market to this buyer is so important.

Suzanne Buczek, President, SCDG Inc.



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