Design Trends for a New Age: Generation Z

Generation Z, which consists of those born from 1995 to the present, is quickly becoming a prominent generation by contributing over $44 billion to the U.S. economy. By the year 2020, Generation Z will account for one-third of the United States population, making up the largest percentage. Therefore, it is crucial that design markets begin paying attention to what the Gen-Z buyers are looking for when it comes to purchasing and furnishing their homes.

GEN Z-Living Room

In a recent research survey on the preferred design styles of multiple age groups, interior design site found Generation Z leans strongly toward rustic spaces with plenty of warmth, comfort, and personal touches. This newest generation is strongly immersed in social media, self-expression and individuality is a high priority for them. This is reflected in their design preferences which layer classic looks with cozy, informal touches and vintage collectibles that tell stories about the dwellers’ interests and experiences.

GEN Z-Living Room 2

Overstuffed sectionals and furniture pieces with traditional lines and natural finishes are most appealing to this demographic. An eclectic variety of textures and floral patterns add several layers of depth and comfort to the spaces they choose to call home.




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